Project Roadmap

OLD Project Overview

Initiation: Week 0


In the kick-off meeting we will:

  • Discuss the overall project plan including timelines 
  • Identify roles and discuss top level objectives
  • Identify adjacent projects which may impact the intranet project
  • Identify existing networks of staff as research participants and/or potential intranet testers
  • Identify risks or concerns
  • Discuss items in the starter pack:
    Kick-off Workbook
  • Clarify next steps

Establishment: Week 1-2

Base intranet site

A base site is provided to the Project Team. Functionality on the base site:

  • Homepage
  • Directory
  • News & Events
  • Staff Noticeboard
  • File Share

The site:

  • is accessible to the project team only
  • is branded with SMLWRLD colours and logo
  • does not contain client-specific content
  • serves as the starting point for the eventual intranet; any sections or articles added can be retained for launch

Test Group

  • Establish the alpha test group of users in preparation for the alpha launch in week 6

Elevation: Week 3-6


Content audit

  • Review existing content (on current intranet, on shared drives)
  • Assign ownership for all content 
  • Ask content owners to begin deleting / editing / preparing content as appropriate

Organisational data audit

  • Review master lists of Sites, Services, Teams
  • Review Active Directory database
    • Is it reliable as a master database?
    • Does work need to be done to the AD data to ensure it can be effectively used for the intranet?
    • Which fields will be synced with the intranet?

Branding audit

  • Complie all relevant branding assets (fonts, documentation, branding guidelines, original artwork or photography)

Systems audit

  • Compile complete list of organisational systems
  • Review metadata, including contacts for each system, who should access, help manuals etc.

Processes audit

  • Identify list of key organisational tasks (e.g. recruiting new staff) to ensure intranet supports the processes

User Research

User interviews

  • Talking to a variety of staff about their daily work
  • 10 - 30 user interviews depending on budget
  • 2 - 3 contextual / observational interviews (interviews are conducted in the work place)

Staff survey

  • Send out to all staff to ask about intranet use and opinions and quantify staff priorities

Card sort

  • Ask staff to group key topic areas to determine organisation / site architecture of new intranet


As soon as possible after content has been audited and owners identified:

  • Research bulk-export and import options for files and assets, if feasible
  • Initiate manual content migratiion with a test section e.g. HR or IT

Communications  & Governance

Towards the end of this phase:

  • Develop communications plan
    • Brainstorm engagement ideas
    • Consider onboarding options
    • Write launch plan and timings - to be deployed leading up to and following launch
  • Develop content governance plan for the new intranet

Milestone - Alpha Release

The alpha test group is invited to start previewing the site. This is the Alpha Release.

Alpha Phase: Week 7-14

Site customisation

  • Deliver site style guide and visual designs for key pages
  • Implement visual design on site
  • Implement site architecture based on card sort
  • Begin customisations of templates (e.g. articles, person profiles, team profiles) based on the outcome of the research workshop and content audits
  • Any new functionality is prototyped and tested with users


We run a workshop with the project team to:

  • Present our findings from the interviews
  • Generate and align on ideas
  • Prioritise key organisational tasks
  • Prioritise functionalities and features for custom developments

Ongoing work

  • Content migration continues
  • Initial launch communications begin with the aim of generating buzz
  • The beta testing group is identified (may be the same as the alpha testing group)

Milestone - Beta Release

The alpha test group is invited to start previewing the site. This is the Alpha Launch.

Beta Phase: Week 14-17

Testing and Iterating

  • The site is used for 4 weeks, with extended focus on user feedback and resolving any bugs or teething issues


At the end of this phase, we have a customised, content-filled intranet and the site is ready for trust-wide launch:

  • Pre-launch communications are deployed


Content owner and site administrator training:

  • Site training for administrators
  • Content management training for content owners and communication of Content Governance plan
  • Writing for the web training for all interested staff

Content migration continues:

  • Trained content owners continue with manual migration
  • Use bulk migration (using exports, scripts and imports) where possible

Milestone - Organisation-wide Launch: Week 18

The launch and rollout plan is invoked. The site becomes fully available to the Trust. The focus moves to staff onboarding and adoption.

Engagement: Week 18+

Post-launch activities

Following launch we focus on:

  • staff onboarding and assistance
  • issue resolution
  • site health checks
  • responding to and/or actioning staff feedback
  • implementing content schedules and content governance


  • All admins have access to Help site
  • SMLWRLD provides support for one month (up to 8 hours) post-launch including advice, production, additional training materials
  • Ongoing support beyond the first month is provided as determined by the support contract