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What is the Forms Tool?

The Forms Tool allows you to create custom forms with workflows, email alerts, and exportable submissions data.

These forms are for site users only; they cannot be accessed or submitted by people without a login to your site.

How to create & build a form

  • Go to Admin > Tools > Forms Tool > Forms List
  • Click the [+ Create new form] button. The Form Builder opens
Form Builder - Details
  • Give your form a name
  • Provide a description for other admins, such as the target audience of the form
  • Click [Save & Next]
Form Builder - Builder
  • Drag and drop in a question block, then choose the question type (e.g. multiple choice, textbox)
  • Drag and drop in styling elements, such as headings or images
  • Mark mandatory questions as 'required'
  • Click [Save & Next]
Form Builder - Preview
  • See what your form will look like when published
  • If required, go back a step to make changes
Form Builder - Workflow & Permissions

By default there are no approval steps.  If you require one or more, click the  [+ Approval step] button

  •  View form submissions & Status change modifications
    • Submitter
      • By default, the submitter can view the form. Would you also like them to recieve an email notification to confirm their submission? If so, tick 'Receives notification email'
    • Admins
      Select your Admins to have view permissions and/or recieve a notification email.
      • User from database: anyone who has an account on the site
      • Email address / inbox: this might be a group email inbox, such as
      • User from form: you will only see this option if one of your form questions is a 'Person Search' question type. This could be used when the submitter is asked to select their line manager or budget holder
      • Globally defined admins: used only for Senior Site Administrators
      • Note:  an email address / inbox cannot be given permissions to view the form as it does not have a site account or login 
  • Approver form permissions & Request form approval emails
    • The same applies as with the Admins above
  • Click [Save & Next]
Form Builder - Emails

There are three email templates, one each for submitters, admins and approvers.

For each email template:

  • Update the sender name e.g. " Intranet"
  • Update the sender email address if required. Make sure it is in a valid email address format, e.g.  ""
  • Preview to check the text of each email. If you require amendments and would like assistance with the HTML, email us at
Form Builder - Settings & Activation
  • Enter a confirmation message
  • Decide on whether you want to allow users to resubmit, and where the user should be redirected to
  • Activate your form if you are happy with  it

Link to a form

Once your form is active, you then need to direct users to the form with a link on the intranet.

This link could be added to a content item or directly to a section page.

To get your form link:

Submissions Data

To view and/or export your submissions data:

  • Go to Admin > Tools > Forms Tool > Forms List
  • Click on [View & Export] next to your form

Initial Setup - Sender Emails

The default sender email addresses are managed using the following dictionary IDs:

  • 30696
  • 30766
  • 30767

You can also update sender email addresses per form in the Form Builder 'Emails' tab.