Users and Authentication

Status and security status

What is a user status?

A user's status determines whether:

  • they can access the site
  • other users can view their profile
User status User can access the site* Other users can view the user's profile** Admins can view the user's profile
Pending approval

*This is also dependent on the user's security status
** This is also dependent on the visibility settings for each user type

What is user security status?

Security Status only applies to Published users.

A published user's security status determines if:

  • they can access the site
  • other users can view their profile
  • they need to reset their password
  • they need to verify their email address
  Available security status actions
User security status Action taken to get to security status Resend Welcome email Send password reset link Generate and send new password link Force verified and continue with existing password Force verified and create a (new) password Add to verifcation exemption list Force Verified Remove from verification exemption list
Awaiting first login Approve user
Verified Published user has logged in
Locked - Awaiting Password Reset Send password reset link
Locked - Awaiting Verification Email new verification link
Exempt from Verification Locked - Awaiting Verification

To view a user's status and security status

  • go to Admin Menu > Users > Manage Accounts
  • search for and select a user
  • view the status / security status