Project Roadmap


SMLWRLD provides training for varying levels of access across your intranet. Initial training is provided as part of your SLA, however, as your intranet and organisation grows and changes, we will still be here to provide training to new administrators.  You can request training from our support page


Site Management

SMLWRLD can provide training sessions for intranet manger(s) to cover high-level administration of the site such as:

  • template management
  • section management
  • search terms and metadata management
  • reporting
  • user permissions
  • archiving and notifications

General format for sessions:

  • Overview of each topic area (e.g. adding new users, copying a section)
  • Demonstrations by trainer, stopping for questions
  • Participants to run through set exercises to check understanding of topic areas


Content Management

SMLWRLD can also provide a training session OR webinar for primary content publishers (e.g. with responsibility for department content areas).

To cover:

  • creating and editing articles
  • editing section pages
  • managing section settings

Article management guides are available on our Help Site 


Writing for the Web

A 30-minute webinar covering writing for the web. Open to all interested staff.

We cover:

  • Identifying your audience & content objectives
  • Ensuring your audience knows "what to do next"
  • Writing simple section page introductions
  • Adding good document descriptions
  • Creating clear and well-structured forms
  • Adding content metadata to improve search

Visit Writing on the Web for further information.