Project Roadmap

New Intranet Roadmap

This section outlines how we build your intranet, what should be on an intranet, how content should be written, managed and reviewed, and who should be involved or considered in these processes.


An intranet, at its most basic level, is a private internal network designed to support the employees of an organisation. However, your intranet is one of your organisation’s most important assets and investments. Productivity, employee engagement, and innovation in an organisation can be greatly enhanced by a well-designed, curated, and nurtured intranet.

Intranets are commonly created to service these common scenarios:

  1. Corporate Communications: a platform to broadcast news and announcements (usually from the top down)
  2. Knowledge Management: a way to capture, organise, and distribute knowledge
  3. Corporate Hub: a central point of access to systems and applications used throughout the organisation
  4. Team Collaboration: a central location for teams to collaborate
  5. Social Workflow: a locale for coordinating tasks and activities
  6. Community: an intranet which focuses on the social and community aspects of an organisation, providing everyone with a voice.

Whether your intranet incorporates some, all or more of these services, a successful intranet project starts with careful planning and understanding of the changes your organisation is expecting/desiring from a new intranet. Defining these objectives will provide clear, measurable targets, and ensure that all stakeholders understand what is expected to be achieved.