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Must-read articles

What is must-read content?

Must-read functionality allows content publishers to force selected groups of users to read an item of content.

How it works

The selected group of users:

  • get sent an email to alert them to their must-read content
  • will be redirected to the content when they next visit they intranet
  • must tick an 'I have read this' checkbox on the content before they can do anything else on the site (they will keep being redirected to the content until they tick the checkbox)
  • will not see the checkbox again once it's ticked

Users not part of the selected group will not see the checkbox at all.

How to generate a must-read item

Define your target audience
  • Create a new section of type "Notification Groups"
  • Permissions
    • Original Permissions: Add 'access only' members
    • New Permissions: Any member of any type (notifications are not relevant)

These members will be the receipients of the must-read emails and subsequent enforcement.

Action the must-read functionality
  • Edit the News item you wish to enforce
  • Scroll to the 'Must-Read' area on the edit page
  • Select a community/section in order to define your audience
  • Click the 'save, publish and send must-read email' button

The target audience will then be emailed and will not be able to do anything else on the site until they have accessed the content and ticked the 'I have read this' checkbox.

The email will also be sent to you as the author, if you are a member of the chosen community.

NOTE - the checkbox ONLY appears for the must-read audience, and will disappear after it's ticked.

Check who has read the content
  1. Go to Admin menu > Reporting > Who has read this?
  2. Search for your News content item
  3. Select the desired dates
  4. Click the 'who has read this' button

Setting up templates - advanced admins only


Set up must-read content template and email

Content template

  • Button
    Add 'Save, publish and email must-read audience' button
  • Edit page
    Add 'Audience' element to the edit page (appears to authors as a section selection, and can be configured to just display sections of a certain type)
  • View page
    Add 'Audience' element to the view page (appears as a checkbox to 'must read' users, does not display at all to non-targeted users)

Email template

  • Go to Admin menu > Settings > Email Notification Templates
  • Customise template #87
    'Content published - notification - sent to all section/group members - on 'save, publish & email must-read audience''