Users and Authentication

Create and delete users

Create a New User

Note - this action is only suitable for sites which use Native Authentication.

  • Go to Admin > Users > Create Person
  • Fill out the create person form
  • Click Save

The system then sends the user an automatic welcome email asking them to set a password and login.

Approve a pending user registration request

Note - this action is only suitable for sites which use Native Authentication.

See the Registration & Approval page and the information on activating a registration request.

Delete a user profile

Note - this action is only suitable for sites which use Native Authentication and ADFS Authentication.

  • Go to Admin > Users > Manage Accounts
  • Search for and select a user from the list
  • Click Delete

No email notifications are sent. 

Note: This type of delete is a 'soft delete'. The user's account is deactivated, but can be reactivated at any time

Impact on access

  • Deleting a user profile only removes user access for site's which use Native Authentication
  • For sites which use Azure AD or ADFS, deleting a user profile does not impact access. In these cases:
    • site access is solely determined by whether a person has an active account in the organisation's Active Directory
    • if a profile for an active person is deleted, their profile will be reinstated when they next access the site
  • For sites which use ADFS, manual user profile deletion is necessary. By contrast, for sites which use Azure AD, profile deletion happens automatically based on changes in AD

For full details see Authentication Methods.