Sections and Pages

Elements - Add, Edit, Move and Delete

What is an Element?

In the Advanced Layout Editor there are two types of elements; 'Page' elements and 'Section page' elements.

Section Page elements  are the same as the block elements in the front end editor.  You can revisit the Block Elements page for more information. These elements are the core elements and most commonly used. Page elements are often used in templates, such as articles and user profiles. It is recommended that you stick to using the Section Page elements.

  • Elements can be found in the Elements list tab in the editor panel (scroll down in editor for Page elements):


Adding elements

To add an element:

  • add a box to your page (if you have not already done so)
  • drag and drop an element from the element list tab into the box of your choosing

Note: you can add multiple elements to the same box.


When you add an element, it automatically goes directly underneath any elements already in the box. To rearrange the order of elements, any element you move using the drag icon will be placed at the bottom of the list of elements in your box.  If you want to move the element to a different box it will do the same thing.

Editing the contents of an element

To edit an element:

  • Click the green pen icon

What you can edit depends on the element type. For example, if you are editing:

  • a text box element, you'll be able to edit and format the text
  • a sequence element, you can add, edit or delete items from the sequence list

Edit an element.png

Deleting elements

 To delete an element:

  • Click the red bin icon

Once you delete a box you can't undo this action - so make sure you're sure before you delete!