Managing Sections

Edit Mode

Activate Edit Mode

To make simple edits to boxes on a section page, use Edit Mode.

There are two ways to turn Edit Mode on and off:

  1. Use the keyboard shortcut
    (CTRL + E)
  2. Use the Admin menu
    Admin > Edit Page > Edit Boxes & Layout


Once Edit Mode is activated, you will see red lines around boxes, and three buttons on every box:

Edit Mode Demo

Edit Mode Action Buttons

Edit box content (green button)

The green edit button allows you to edit the content that sits WITHIN the box. What you can edit depends on the box type. For example, paragraph text or lists of content.

Find out more about box content for text boxes.

Edit box properties (blue button)

The blue edit button allows you to change the appearance of the box, for example adding a border or making the background transparent.

Find out more about box properties.

Delete box (red button)

Once you delete a box you can't undo this action - so make sure you're sure before you delete!