Sections and Pages


What is a carousel?

A carousel displays a rotating series of images which can link to:

  • other pages on the intranet, including articles
  • external websites

Example Carousel

Editing the carousel

  • Activate front-end editing using the toggle top right
  • Click the green edit button for your carousel
  • The carousel edit page opens


  • Actions / Notes:
    • Enter a pixel height and width e.g. 400 height and 600 width
    • Tick the text overlay checkbox to display titles at the bottom of the images
    • Add a new fresh pick [1] or billboard [2]
    • To hide (but not delete) an item change its end date [3] to a date in the past
    • To edit an existing item, including to update the end date, use the edit icon [4]
    • To delete an item, use the delete icon [5]
    • Always save [6] after making changes

Fresh Picks and Billboards

Fresh Picks and Billboards look exactly the same once set up, the only difference is that Fresh Picks allow you to search for an item of content (e.g. a news item or document) to link to.

To add a new Billboard:

  • Click the "+ New Billboard" button
  • Enter a Title
  • The Billboard Edit page opens


  • Actions / Notes
    • The title is just for your reference and does not display on the site
    • The URL is the link you want users to go to when they click on the Billboard. It can be a link to a content item, page or section on the site, or to an external website
    • The End date is automatically set for 10 years in the future. You can amend the end date by clicking the calendar icon
    • Upload an image for the Billboard
    • Click "Ok" to save