Managing Users

User roles and rights

What are roles & rights?

Roles & rights define what users can view, edit, create, publish or delete on the site.

Roles & rights can be executed to content, sections, the entire intranet or specific intranet areas such as the forms tool or user management.

Manage a user's roles & rights

To manage user roles for an individual user:

  • Go to Admin > Users > Manage Accounts
  • The Manage Accounts Tool page opens
  • Search for and select a user
  • Click on the View / Change Rights link
  • The Roles & Rights page opens (see screenshot) - note the user's name appears on the left
  • Select Role from the dropdown
  • Select the Object (section) this role should relate to
  • Click save


We package groups of rights into roles. The key roles are described below.

1. Access Only

(Applied per section)
Can access the section and all content related to that section. Note: by default internal users can access all sections and content, unless an administrator has made a section private. By default, external users can't access any sections or content. They must be given "Access Only" permissions to every section they require access to. This includes the homepage!

2. Section Supervisor / Admin

(Applied per section)
Can access the section and its content, can manage content and can edit, add and delete pages

3. Section Approver

(Applied per section)
If content requires approval, ONLY section approvers can publish it.  Users who are not section approvers can only submit for approval.

4. Global Site Manager

(Applied per site)
In addition to section management, has access to the Admin sidebar menu and its tools / settings

5. Intranet Supervisor

(Applied per site)
Full site permissions, includng the ability to edit templates and listing layouts.