Users and Authentication

Registration and approval of users

What is user registration?

People can request access to your site using a short registration form under the 'Register' tab on the login page:


Once a person sends a registration request:

  • designated administrator(s) are sent an email alert
  • a  user account with the status 'Pending Approval' is created
  • the person has no access to the site until your approve their request

Approving a registration request

When you approve a registration request you change the status of a user from 'Pending Approval' to 'Published'.

  • Go to Admin > Users > Manage Pending User Accounts
  • This takes you to the Manage Accounts Tool with the  'Pending Approval' account status preselected
  • Select a pending user from the list
  • Review the person Types available
  • Either click 'Approve as Person Type X' or change to a different user type, then approve
  • The user is sent a welcome email asking them to set a password and login

Until a user logs in their security status options will be as follows:

Setup: Pending user registration process

To update the recipient list go to:

  • Admin > Settings > Global Settings
  • Search for 'new user email'
  • Select 'New User email notification recipient list'
  • Add user details as required

To update the HTML for the notification email:

  • Admin > Settings > Email Notification Templates
  • Select 'Account creation - new user - sent to admins - on new user registration' from the Template dropdown
  • Update as required and save

To define the default person type for pending users

  • Admin > Settings > Global Settings
  • Search for 'registration'
  • Select 'Registration person type'
  • Enter the person type ID as desired
    (To see the available person type IDs, go to Admin > Users > Templates)