Create a new article

Create articles from scratch

To create content from scratch:

  • Go to Admin > Content > Create Article
  • The Create page opens
    • Click [Save]
    • Choose the type of article you wish to create e.g. News, Media, General
    • Enter a suitable title 
  • You will then be redirected to the article's Edit page
    • Note the status is currently 'Draft'
    • Fill out the remaining fields
    • Click the [Save and Publish] button

Use 'Create New' buttons

'Create New' buttons can be displayed within Pinned Lists.

Use these buttons where available.

Duplicate an existing article

  • Choose an article to copy
  • View the article and click the [Duplicate] button
  • A new article is created and you are directed to the Edit page:
    • it is the same article type (e.g. News, General, Event) as the one you copied from
    • the status of the new article is "Draft"
    • the word "- COPY" is appended to the title
    • all fields (except the media uploads / attachments) are copied across from the original
  • Make any necessary amendments (e.g. update the title, upload new media) and remember to REMOVE any irrelevant data
  • Click [Save and Publish]

Create multiple articles from files - bulk upload tool

To create multiple articles from multiple assets using the bulk upload tool:

  • Ensure your file names make sense - these will be used to generate the Article titles
  • Go to Admin > Tools > Import/Export Tools > Import Assets
  • Tab 1: Assign Attributes (OPTIONAL)
    • Assign relevent Value Attributes to your new articles based on the file path structure
  • Tab 2: Check and Merge Assets (OPTIONAL)
    • If you have used the Value Attribute option review your data
    • Specify if different file types with the same name are attached to one single Article (e.g.  Redhat.jpg, Redhat.psd Redhat.tif. The first of these will be uploaded to the Media preview and the remaining files will be attached in the 'Additional Files')
  • Tab 3: Choose Article Type
    • Select the Article type (News, Document or Visual Asset etc)
    • Assign an Author, Contact, Related Section
    • Add any search Tags
  • Tab 4: Upload Content
    • Drag and drop or browse to select your files