Project Roadmap


Your site can be customised in a variety of ways, including. 

  • site architecture with key sections and pages
  • customising content templates
  • customising profile templates
  • stylesheet (colours and themes)
  • additional features and functionality

Features & Functionality

Occasionally, your intranet may require specific features or functionalities that aren't inherently included in the standard SMLWRLD platform, and this is perfectly acceptable. In fact, it's not only acceptable but often essential to tailor your intranet to precisely meet your organisation's unique needs and goals. The flexibility to adapt and extend your intranet beyond its default capabilities allows you to create a bespoke digital workspace that aligns seamlessly with your company's workflows and requirements. So, rest assured that when your intranet demands additional elements, it signifies an opportunity to optimise and customise your digital ecosystem to better serve your specific business objectives.