Sections and Pages

Pages - create new, rename and reorder

Layout editor

To manage your pages, go to Admin > Edit Page > Layout

The layout editor has two main parts:

  • Left side - page layout skeleton
  • Right side - editor panel with three tabs

Make sure the Page layouts tab is selected.

The Page layouts tab lists all the pages within a section. From here you can add a new page, delete a page, reorder pages, create subpages and edit page titles.


Create new page

Option 1 - Duplicate an existing page (recommended)

  • Choose an existing page which is most similar to the one you want to create
  • Click on the Duplicate icon next to the page you wish to copy
  • The duplicated page will appear with the original page name appended by "- COPY"
  • Rename / reorder the new page as needed

Option 2 - create a new page from scratch

  • To add a new page, click the "Add Page" button at the bottom of the editing panel:

Add a new page.png

  • Your new page will appear as "New Page Layout" at the bottom of your existing list of pages. (You may need to scroll down to see the new page.)

Edit a page title

To update the name of a page:

  • Click on the cog to the right of the page name
    The page settings flytab opens
  • Click with your cursor into the page name field
  • Update the page name
  • Click "Close"

Edit name of new page.png

Reorder pages

Change the order of a page

  • Click and hold on the grab icon to the far of the page name
  • Hold as you drag the page to a new position in the list

Create a subpage

  • To create a subpage, drag a page below and to the right of an existing page:

Reorder Pages.png