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What are text block elements?

The text block element is an online editor, allowing you to format text (apply headings, bold, bulleted lists, add links) like you do in Microsoft Word.

In addition to text, the online editor also allows you to insert images.

See the block elements introduction to learn how to add a block element to a page.

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Use the text box formatting buttons to:

  • Create numbered and bulleted lists
  • Make text BOLD
  • Make text ITALIC

You can also use the Formats dropdown to create the following headings and sub headings:


Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4  

Heading 5
Heading 6


Simple links

To add a link to an email address you can simply type the email address, then hit [space] or [enter] on your keyboard. It will automatically translate into a link.

For example:

To link to another web page or website, you can do exactly the same.

For example:

Advanced links

If you want to make the link text different to the link destination, simply use the link formatting button.

For example:
SMLWRLD website (start the link with http:// or https://)
Contact SMLWRLD (start the link with mailto:)

And don't forget to read our guide on writing good, descriptive link text.

Formatting top tips

'Visual' mode and 'Code' mode

An online editor has two modes - visual mode and code mode. You should only need to use visual mode.

Sometimes, when you edit a text box, you might find that the editor has been left in code mode. No problem! Just click the switch to visual button at the bottom right.

Starting a new line versus starting a new paragraph

Online editors work slightly differently than editors like Microsoft Word. In an online editor:

New paragraph

To create a new paragraph, hit the enter/return key once:
[RETURN] => starts a new paragraph

New line

To move down to the very next line, without starting a new paragraph, hold down the shift key as you hit the enter/return key:
[SHIFT] + [RETURN]  => starts a new line


Insert images into a text box using the 'add image' button:


Then add your image files:

  • Add files:
    • drag image files into the Filename area OR add them uisng the [Add Files] button
    • Click the 'Start Upload' button
  • Select the file you wish to insert into your text by ticking the checkbox next to its name
  • Click the 'insert selected' button


Tip: if your image is particularly large - either in dimensions, file size or resolution, it's best to resize your image to the size you want it to display before uploading it.

Embed YouTube video

01. Click on the 'Share' button of the video you would like to embed


02. Click the 'Embed' button


03. Click the 'Copy' button to copy the video embed code


04. Click the 'Switch to code' button of your Text block element edit screen


05. Paste the embed code within editor and click the 'Save' button