Users and Authentication

User types

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What are user types?

A typical site might have two or three user types, although the number of possible types is unlimited.

Example user types
Name of user typeDefault permission levelIntended usersIntended purpose(s)
InternalFull accessStaffAutomatic access to all public areas of the site. Use with caution for any external people
ExternalLimited accessAgencies or third-party suppliersNo automatic access to any areas of the site. Access must be given to individual users on a section-by-section basis
ClientsNo access - cannot loginn/aDatabase of searchable information on clients

Editable components of a user type

Each aspect of a user type, as well as adding and deleting new types, can be managed by a senior site administrator.

Editable components:

  • Name
  • Default permission level
  • Profile templates (view and edit)
  • List styles

Please speak to your SmallWorlders account manager for assistance with changes to the above.