Project Roadmap

OLD Analytics, feedback, iterative improvements

Data tracking

After the initial launch you should continue to make changes based on user data and feedback. 

Data sources available:

Views, comments, likes, downloads - review data on the most popular content and sections
To access, go to Admin > Reporting > Data Centre > Content Report

Search data - review data on what users are searching for and make relevant updates

Improve search results

Session recording
- Integrate with session recording software (third-party software fees apply)

Inspectlet software

Ongoing feedback

Your intranet should allow users to provide ongoing feedback.

A few options:

Site feedback form - ensure a feedback form is available on your site and that submissions are responded to

Comments - allow for comments or reactions on content

Content with comments

Connect directly with users - integrate with customer dialogue software (third-party software fees apply)

Intercom software

Annual survey

Survey your users annually to help decide on relevant improvements. 

Example annual survey #1

Example annual survey #2

Example annual survey #3

Hints and tips:

  • Remove barriers to use - keep the survey short and the questions clear
  • Use incentives - improve adoption with a fun prize for those completing the survey
  • Keep it anonymous - give users the freedom to say exactly what they think!
  • Make it repeatable- ask the same questions each year to track progress
  • Seek context - find out how the intranet fits into users' wider roles
  • Publish the results - publicise the results and provide a roadmap for a schedule of updates
  • Deliver on changes - and let users know once the changes are done!