Sections and Pages

Sections - name and privacy settings

What are section settings?

Section settings allow you to manage the key properties of a section, including the section name and privacy.

How to access section settings?

To access the section settings page:

  • Admin menu > Edit Page Settings


Available Settings


The section name appears in search results lists,  section lists and admin areas.

And if you use a left-hand menu in your section layouts the name also appears at the top of the menu.

Description & Image

The description and image can be included in section listing layouts.

Any text added to the description field will also assist with search.


Keywords are a great way to help users find your section in search.

For example, you may have a section called 'Corporate Services for Offsite Staff', but this department might be known internally as "CSOS". In that case, ensure you add "CSOS" and any other alternative search terms to the keywords field.


Sections can be:

  • Public
    Any internal user is able to view the whole section and all related content. (Note that External users can only see the section if they are given explicit access)
  • Private
    Section pages and related content (if marked as private) are inaccessible to ALL users, unless they are given explicit access


You can use section type to separate lists of sections. Section types can be managed in the Admin > Sections > Section Templates page.