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Filtered list

What is the filtered list block element?

A filtered list displays a search results list of people, content, sections etc. based on defined filters and ordering. 

It uses the same filtering and sorting methods you might see on a shopping site. For example, filtering your results by colour, size and category, and ordering the results by lowest price or most relevant.

For example, you could set up a filtered list to display:

  • the five most recent news articles
  • all people who are in a particular office, ordered by name
  • all articles with the word "brand" in the title, ordered by date last updated

Note - filtered lists automatically update, so when a new item is created which fits a filtered list's criteria, the filtered list will display the new item.

Top tip

The other type of list you can use to display articles, people etc. is the pinned list.

How do filtered lists and pinned lists differ?

The default starting  point:

  • Before adding filters to a filtered list, by default it shows ALL available items. You need to add filters to narrow down the list. The more filters you add, the shorter the list will become
  • Before selecting items for a pinned list, by default it will show NO items.
    You need to add items to build the list

Edit a filtered list block element

Add filters

Key ways to filter content:

  • Type e.g. News or System type
  • Category e.g. Guidance or Template category
  • Related section e.g. Communications section

For an article to appear in a filtered list, the article must match ALL criteria defined in the settings.

Edit ordering

Key ways to order contentL

  • Title - Ascending
  • Start Date - Descending

Apply a list style

A list style is a preconfigured style which defines how the items in a list are displayed.  See the list style page to learn more.

Troubleshooting - articles are not displaying in the filtered list

To ensure an article appears in a filtered list, the article's settings must match the filtered list settings.

Follow the three steps below.

1. Check the filtered list settings

  • Click the filtered list's green pen edit icon. The filtered list popup opens
  • Make a note of all specified criteria, for example:
    • article types (e.g. news)
    • related sections
    • categories
  • Check the Max. Results shows 'All', rather than a limited number

(SW) FEE search result.jpg

2. Check your article's settings

  • Ensure the exact settings to match the filtered list's criteria
  • Update as needed
  • Save and publish