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Working in 'visual' mode

You do not need to know any HTML code to be able to format the contents of a text box.  

Instead, you use what is known as the 'visual' or 'display' view of the online editor. This allows you to format text like you do in Word, without having to get involved in any coding.

It is possible to swap the editor between the visual view and code view. Sometimes, when you edit an existing text box, you might find that the editor has been left in code view. No problem! Just click the 'switch to visual' button at the bottom right.

Starting a new line Vs a new paragraph

Online editors work slightly differently than editors like Word. In an online editor, to create a new paragraph, you simply hit the enter/return key once:

[RETURN] = starts a new paragraph

To move down just one line, hold down the shift key as you hit the enter/return key:

[SHIFT] + [RETURN]  = starts a new line