Sections and Pages

Main menu and dropdowns

What is the main menu?

Visit the site areas page to see a screenshot showing the main menu and the associated drop down menus:

Site areas


  • A site usually has just one main menu, but on more complex sites, you may have multiple
  • Main menus are not updated automatically, so if you create a new section or page you must manually add a link to the section/page into the menu
  • You can link to external as well as internal pages from the main menu

How to access the main menu edit page

To edit the main menu and dropdowns, go to: 

Admin > Navigation > Menus / Navigation

How to edit the menu and dropdowns

Click the [+] expand icon next to the name of the menu you wish to edit.

To add a new menu item
  • Select the parent you wish to add an item to
  • Click Add sub-item button
    The new sub-item settings display
  • Fill out the following:
    • Link - link to section. Must begin with /sites/common… 
      e.g. /sites/common/Private/Community_View.aspx?id=437&pageid=5035
    • Order – defines the order that this item will appear within the menu list. The higher the number the lower down the list an item will be
    • Hide for authorised users – always tick if this is a private section. This will then hide this item in the menu from users who do not have access to the private section
    • Hide for search result - recommended that this is ticked, otherwise you will get near duplicates with the menu item and the page both appearing in search results

Example - adding a new sub-menu item called 'Section Customisation' to 'Sections and Pages'


  • Select the parent 'Sections and Pages' 
  • Click Add sub-item button (bottom right)
  • Fill out the following:
    • Link - /Help/section/Managing-Sections/page/Section-Customisation/_9sAou
    • Order – we want the item to fit in between two existing menu items - 'Box Properties' and 'Main Menu Navigation', so we need a number in between '50' and '60'. The number '52' is entered.
    • Hide for authorised users – Section Customisation not a private section, so the box is left unticked
    • Hide for search result - this box is ticked a there's no need to have a menu item and a page called 'Section Customisation' appearing in the search results