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Pinned list

What is a pinned list block element?

Pinned list block elements display manually selected lists of items.

It can display people, articles, sections etc.

Pinned lists allow you to select an exact group of items and define the exact order in which they display.

Top tip

The other type of list you can use to display articles, people etc. is the filtered list.

How do filtered lists and pinned lists differ?

The main point of different is their default starting point:

  • By default a filtered list  shows ALL available items. You need to add filters to narrow down the list. The more filters you add, the shorter the list will become
  • By default a pinned list shows NO items.
    You need to add items one by one to build the list

Edit a pinned list block element

Add items

  • Search for items by title
  • Select each item in turn
  • Drag and drop items to reorder
  • Remove items by clicking the 'X' next to the title
  • Click 'Save'

Information types 

  • Types - Use the dropdown to change the type of information the list shows, e.g. articles, sections, people
  • Templates - select templates to restrict the search. So if you add 'News' as a template, only News items will appear when you search for articles

Order and display

  • Order by - by default items in a pinned list display according to how they are listed within the edit box, i.e. in the order you add them. You can change this so the list displays in date order, or alphabetically by title

'Create new' buttons (articles only)

'Create new' buttons allow users to generate a new article quickly and easily. Once an article generated from a pinned list button is published, it will automatically be added to the list.

  • Hide or display buttons - decide if you want buttons to display. You can decide if the buttons should  display to admins only, or all users
  • Select templates - select which article templates should be available for users. Choose one or more


  • Show 'found within' - ticking this setting is recommended. It means that when viewing an article, a user can easily link back to the page the article is listed on. 
  • Show pinned list in 'found within' dropdowns - allows authors to add an article to a pinned list while they are editing the article. This setting is not freqently used

Apply a list style

  • A list style is used to define how a group of related elements should be displayed - you will need to decide which list style is best for your pinned list.