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Version History & Rollback

Version History

Each time you save your progress while working in a section, a version is created and given a number. To view previous versions, click the 'Show History' button the the bottom of the Page Layout Editor. 

Show History Button_2.jpg

The list shows the version currently being worked on at the top, with all previous versions listed below. Each version details the:

  • date and time the version was created
  • who created the version
  • the total number of pages and boxes in the section

Version History Panel.jpg


Each version (excluding the current version) has an additional option to 'Rollback' (see above image). Selecting this option will change (rollback) the section back to the state in which the selected version was created.

Careful consideration must be taken when selecting a version to rollback to as all versions made between the version selected for rollback and the current version will no longer exist. For example, if you are on Version 10 (current) and you decide to rollback to version 4, you will lose versions 5 to version 10.

Rollback Example_2.jpg