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What is an attachment list?

Attachment lists are simple lists of files.

attachment list.jpg

Pros of attachment lists

  • Simple for admins to create and upload files
  • Simple for users to download files
  • Easy for users to scan a long list to find the file they want (as long as the file names are sensible!)

Cons of attachment lists

  • There is no preview generated for a file added as an attachment. Users must download to their desktop in order to open and view
  • The files are not processed or indexed, so do not appear in search results
  • Attachments contain no metadata, i.e. the system doesn't record who uploaded them or when, and you cannot add a description
  • You cannot change the title of the file once it's uploaded - you must delete the file and re-upload with a new name

Add an attachment list

See the Block elements page for instructions on how to add an attachment list.

Edit an attachment list

After you have added your attachment list:

  • Click the attachment list's edit pencil button
  • The Edit Attachment List popup opens
  • Add files by dragging and dropping files into the box, or click the Upload files button to browse files on your computer
  • (Optional) Tick Show 'Download' button and/or Show 'Add to Dropbox' button to display these buttons for users
  • Click Save
  • The  files now display on your page