Users and Authentication

Manage accounts tool

Admin Menu > Users > Manage Accounts

What is the Manage Accounts Tool?

The tool contains a list of all users of any status.

Find users

It allows admins to browse, search, filter and find users:

  • search for a user by first name, last name or email address
  • filter the user list by:
    • type (e.g. internal or external)
    • account status (pending, deleted or published)
    • security status (e.g. "Locked awaiting password reset)

Review and change user status and type

Once a user is selected an admin can:

  • view the user's details (e.g. ID number, security status, last login date)
  • change the user's status
  • send a password reset email
  • send a verification email
  • changethe user's type (e.g. from internal to external)

Manage profiles and permissions

A selected user's account page also contains quick links to:

  • their profile (edit or view page)
  • their permissions/rights page