Data and Reporting

Data Centre Reports

What is the Data Centre?

The Data Centre allows you to create reports on people, content and sections.

Access the Data Centre

  • Go to Admin Menu > Reporting > Data Centre 
  • Select one of the report types, e.g. Person, Article or Section


Run an article report

  • Go to Admin Menu > Reporting > Data Centre
  • Select the Article tab
  • Rows - filter the types of articles you would like in the report, e.g.
    • Office - related to a specific team e.g. Communications
    • Date - created in a specific time period e.g. last three months
    • Type - by article template e.g. News
    • Status - by status of the article e.g. Published and Archived
  • Columns - select the content attributes (metadata) you would like to include e.g.
    • Basic information - template type, status
    • Attributes & tagging - attachments list, multimedia list, categories
    • Relational - authors, contacts, teams, sections
    • Usage received - likes, comments, views
  • Once your report criteria has been selected, click Generate to see an on-screen preview of the report or Download Report to export an Excel file
  • Click 'Save this report' for future reference

Example of 'Article' report on how many views and list of viewers have read news articles