Intranet engagement formula Part 4 | Modelling activity

The activity is a representation of all forms of interaction between users and the intranet.

We categorise activity it three groups.

Screenshot 2021-04-08 at 15.26.06.png

Passive interactions are interactions that involve a user consuming information from the intranet in some way. So examples of this is searches, downloads or video plays

Active interactions involve the users contributing to the intranet in some way, for example a like, a comment or a post.

Advocative interactions are those in which users spread the word about the intranet in some way, for example a share, or a twitter post.

Now let’s assume that every visitor performs every possible form of interaction once every visit. The activity would be 100%. Using our gold bars analogy with the 12.5% interest, the part of the container defined by our interest would be completely filled with gold bars.

Screenshot 2021-04-08 at 15.27.03.png

Now let’s suppose each of our visitors performed half the number of possible forms of interaction on each visit.

Then only half the gold bars required to fill the interest would be there, and the activity would be 50%.

And compared to the total container, our gold bars represent the total engagement, which you can see is now 6.25%.

Screenshot 2021-04-08 at 15.27.34.png

So to summarise, the Activity is represented by the gold bars

The Interest represents the upper limit of activity (i.e. 100% activity)

So to reach 100% engagement you must focus on both the interest and the activity.

Intranet engagement formula Part 5 | Summary


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