Intranet engagement formula Part 2 | Visualising engagement

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Imagine that every time a person interacts with the site, we receive a gold bar. 

So, every time a user likes something, or every time a comment is left, we get a gold bar.

Now imagine we have a container for these gold bars. 

The size of the container is the same as the maximum number of gold bars that we could collect. 

The container represents the 100% engagement mark, the site’s potential.

For a site with absolutely no interactions at all, the engagement will be zero.

And in a fully engaged site the container will be full to the brim of gold bars. 

In reality the container will be partially full of gold bars.

The engagement of the site is a measure of the volume of gold bars in the container, as a proportion of the total volume of the container.

Intranet engagement Formula Part 3 | Modelling interest


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