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SMLWRLD is an intranet platform that comes in many shapes and sizes. Traditionally, we’ve provided sizeable bespoke intranets to large organisations. However, more recently we’ve channelled our expertise into developing smaller intranet products, designed specifically for smaller organisations.

SMLWRLD Essential

The hub to store your stuff - Store, retrieve and share internal knowledge and information seamlessly, from anywhere in the world, with SMLWRLD Essential, our powerful entry-level intranet.

  Internal Knowledge Sharing

  Customer / Supplier Directory

  Quick Links Dashboard

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SMLWRLD Advanced

The intranet for growing organisations - Share, communicate and collaborate more efficiently with SMLWRLD Advanced, our enterprise-quality intranet delivered in an affordable off-the-shelf package.


  Organisational Directory


  Knowledge Management

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SMLWRLD Unlimited

The bespoke intranet for enterprises - Customised features, fixed price implementation, SLA-based support.

  Flexible & Customisable

  Integration with 3rd Party APIs

  Scalable & Secure

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What our clients say

THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!! You are BLOODY AMAZING and our new intranet is quite simply brilliant. We are so grateful.

Katy Miller
Communications Manager

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Even outside these circumstances, delivering this system to meet the challenges presented by our previous ways of working would literally have been impossible without the quality of support SMLWRLD and team have provided us, and the fact the support has stepped up rather than dropped off since this madness started is something we’re extremely grateful for.

Cyrus Kazemzadeh
Project Manager

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£180 / year*

*per user,
monthly installments available

£240 / year*

*per user,
monthly installments available

Variable / year*

*monthly installments available, see pricing page for details.

Recommended User Range 1 - 50 users 30 - 100 users 100 - unlimited users
User Limit 100 users 100 users Unlimited
Storage Limit 100 GB 1 TB Unlimited
Implementation Instant, out of the box Instant, out of the box Fixed price professional implementation
Functionality Essential Streamlined Full
Templates Fixed Fixed Freeform
Customisations Pre-made templates Pre-made templates with optional customisations Fully bespoke intranet
Admin / Reporting Tools None Basic Full
Support SMLWRLD Customer Services SMLWRLD Customer Services SMLWRLD SLA
Hosting Cloud Cloud Cloud
Domain Custom
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