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The complete carbon-neutral intranet


Digital workplace

Build online forms with workflow and approvals to enable channel shift. Use the API to connect to other systems and tools to deliver productivity gains.

Brand Portal

Digital asset management allows you to upload, manage and distribute files, images and video simply. Control how brand and campaign assets are shared and used.

Calendar & Events

The EMS allows organisations to create events with automatically managed invitations, reminders and waiting lists. Combined with the LMS above companies can deliver blended training programs combining classroom and elearning.

Knowledge management

Document management, digital asset management and content-creation tools make it easy for anyone to access and share corporate knowledge.


Bring distributed project teams together in one place using smarter collaboration tools


Allow external stakeholders, clients, suppliers to work closely and securely with your staff


The LMS delivers SCORM and other content in multiple training programmes tracking users’ progress.

Social networking

Help your team get to know each other and boost productivity

Custom Development

And if SMLWRLD doesn’t have what you need we can probably build it. We’ve tweaked SMLWRLD to deliver online shops, global brand planning tools and other custom applications for our clients.

Flexibility & Customisation

Our easy and intuitive interface allows administrators to build and customise sites without coding. Our intranets are built and managed by project managers, internal communicators, brand managers – not developers.


SMLWRLD has an API to integrate with 3rd party systems. Active Directory, O365 and Sharepoint integration is even easier with pre-configured connectors.

Scaleable & Secure

Our SaaS is hosted on the Azure Cloud. Azure is accredited to hold or transact public sector data for business conducted at the Official level of Security Classification which means your data is secure.

Focus on Success

Our Approach

What makes our process unique is our obsession with engagement. It is at the core of everything we do. You see SMLWRLD wrote the book on Intranet Engagement. Yes really, we did.

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Engagement Analytics, Diagnostics and Benchmarking

Organisations across the globe have had their intranet engagement analysed by SMLWRLD allowing us to create the only platform agnostic, scientific and objective benchmark of intranet engagement. What's more, comparing your intranet engagement to the benchmark is free.


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Intranet Engagement Strategy

Lessons learnt from analysing this big data set enabled us to develop a scientific approach to intranet development to maximise engagement: the SMLWRLD Intranet Engagement Framework.


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