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Store, retrieve and share internal knowledge and information seamlessly, from anywhere in the world, with SMLWRLD Essential, our powerful entry-level intranet.

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SMLWRLD Essential condenses our 15 years’ experience of building bespoke intranets for large international organisations into one streamlined, essential intranet product for small to medium-sized organisations.

Super-Simple and Easy to Use

Find information in seconds, whether you’re an intranet administrator or an end-user, with SMLWRLD Essential’s intuitive tools, such as page categorisation and the dynamic SMLWRLD Global Search.

Increase Efficiency and Productivity

Eliminate the need for complicated and long-winded methods of knowledge retrieval, such as shared drives and email. Simply upload information to your intranet, and enable immediate access across your organisation.

Aids Remote Working

Ensure your employees never end up out of touch, with a centralised information hub and knowledge base, designed to empower decentralised workers.

Internal Knowledge Sharing

Store, retrieve and share internal knowledge with unparalleled accuracy, and cut down on the time and resources wasted through staff having to chase after information.

Any kind of file can be uploaded to SMLWRLD Essential, whether it’s an MS Office document, a PDF, a ZIP file, an image or video file. Even Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop files are accepted.

Once a file has been uploaded, SMLWRLD Essential will generate a thumbnail and a preview, allowing users to view the file from within the browser, without the need to download and open it locally.

Customer / Supplier Directory

Capture key information about every element of your business, and its customers/suppliers, with the SMLWRLD Customer/Supplier Directory.

Serving as an essential CRM tool, the Directory holds contact information, as well as additional information about offices/sites and key contracts or projects.

Each element has its own profile page within the directory, allowing users to quickly discover everything they need to know.

Quick Links Dashboard

The homepage of the SMLWRLD Essential intranet essentially acts as a dashboard of quick links to external systems and tools, ensuring employees can always easily access the entire toolset for your organisation.

A list of all the projects and contracts also provides quick access to articles, and to related information.


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£180 / year*

*per user,
monthly installments available

£240 / year*

*per user,
monthly installments available

£variable / year*

*monthly installments available, see pricing page for details.

Recommended User Range 1 - 50 users 30 - 100 users 100 - unlimited users
User Limit 100 users 100 users Unlimited
Storage Limit 100 GB 1 TB Unlimited
Implementation Instant, out of the box Instant, out of the box Fixed price professional implementation
Functionality Essential Streamlined Full
Templates Fixed Fixed Freeform
Customisations Pre-made templates Pre-made templates with optional customisations Fully bespoke intranet
Admin / Reporting Tools None Basic Full
Support SMLWRLD Customer Services SMLWRLD Customer Services SMLWRLD SLA
Hosting Cloud Cloud Cloud
Domain Custom
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