SMLWRLD Essential - A Guided Tour
A quick look around SMLWRLD Essential, our simple but powerful entry-level intranet

The SMLWRLD Essential intranet is a simple but powerful tool to facilitate the storage, retrieval and sharing of internal knowledge and information within small and mid-sized organisations. We have taken 15 years of experience delivering high-end intranets to enterprise clients and distilled the features into a simplified, streamlined format that’s much more suitable for smaller organisations.

The features can be loosely divided into three categories:

  • Internal Knowledge Sharing
  • Customer/Supplier Directory
  • Quicklinks Dashboard

Below is a quick guided tour of the SMLWRLD Essential intranet.

Internal Knowledge Sharing

In any organisation it is important to capture internal knowledge correctly. In so many cases, important documents or information reside in staff members’ hard drives, or email inboxes. The amount of time wasted by staff chasing each other for information is incalculable. And what about when a key staff member leaves the organisation? Is their knowledge lost forever?

It is critical that every piece of knowledge within an organisation has a suitable home, in a place that is both easy to locate and retrieve. Knowledge management is the backbone of the SMLWRLD Essential intranet.

Articles, Media & Documents

SMLWRLD Essential Intranet - Article

Articles can take various forms, from document templates, written pieces and best practices to images and videos. In any case, an article is a piece of knowledge that needs a suitable home. The SMLWRLD Essential intranet is designed with this purpose in mind.

Any kind of file can be uploaded, whether an MS Office document, a PDF, a ZIP file, an image or video file. Even Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop files are accepted. Regardless of the file format, the SMLWRLD Essential intranet will generate a thumbnail and a preview of the file. This allows other users to view the file from within the browser, without the need to download and open it locally. Of course, downloading the files is always an option too!

SMLWRLD Essential Intranet - Documents & Media

Tagging & Categories

SMLWRLD Essential Intranet - Tagging & Categories

The key to successfully organising knowledge within an organisation is the ability to tag and categorise content correctly.

SMLWRLD Essential categories are fully customisable to each organisation’s specific needs. What’s more, SMLWRLD will work with you to configure your categories from the outset, to ensure your knowledge is well organised and easy to manage.

Categorised Pages

SMLWRLD Essential Intranet - Categorised Pages

Each category has a dedicated page on the SMLWRLD Essential intranet, where similarly categorised articles are presented. Each page contains a list of all the relevant articles, visually represented with thumbnail images, titles and other metadata.

Unlike competitive products such as MS Sharepoint, articles can be tagged with any number of categories, thus appearing in multiple places – wherever relevant.

The end result is a browsable catalogue of all the knowledge within your organisation. Many organisations take advantage of this functionality to create pages specifically for new starters, or for particular areas of interest or speciality. The options are truly unlimited.

SMLWRLD Global Search

Of course, the majority of users will not spend time browsing category pages to find the information they require – they will head straight for the omni-present SMLWRLD Global Search.

SMLWRLD Essential Intranet - Global Search SMLWRLD Essential Intranet - Search Results

The SMLWRLD Global Search intelligently interprets the searcher’s intent, and displays results accordingly. For example, search for a customer contact (or any directory element for that matter) and the results page will highlight matching users, with links directly to their profiles. Search for a specific topic or area of interest, and the results page will highlight any category pages that seem relevant, as well as articles matching your query.

SMLWRLD Essential Intranet - Attachments Search

The SMLWRLD Global Search also searches within attachments to provide additional results, which can be seen if desired.

Add the standard “type ahead…” and “did you mean…” functions that are common with many high-end systems, and you have a world-class search facility that will transform the way staff find information within their organisation.

SMLWRLD Essential Intranet - World Class Search

Fileshare Tool

Similarly to WeTransfer or MegaUpload, the SMLWRLD Essential intranet comes with a built-in filesharing tool as standard. This tool allows users to share documents and other attachments quickly and easily with any email address, whether internal or external to the organisation.SMLWRLD-Essential-Intranet-Fileshare-Tool.png

Each user is allocated 1GB of storage space, and the fileshare tool acts as their personal cloud storage drive. Users get notified when recipients view or download their shared files. If the file is found on the intranet, there is no need to download and re-upload it to their fileshare drive; just a simple button-click and it’s there in an instant.

SMLWRLD Essential Intranet - Add To File Share

Customer/Supplier Directory

The SMLWRLD Essential intranet is the ideal place for storing and retrieving information about your organisation, and your customers and suppliers. To this end, it can serve as a basic CRM tool to hold contact information, as well as additional information about offices/sites (known as locations) and key contracts or projects

The SMLWRLD Essential Directory consists of various elements:

  • Contacts
  • Projects or Contracts
  • Locations
  • Customers or Suppliers

These elements relate to each other as follows:

SMLWRLD Essential Intranet - Directory Relationships

The naming of these elements might not apply directly to your organisation. If this is the case, don’t worry, SMLWRLD will work with you during your initial induction to rename these elements in a way that makes sense to you.

Profile Pages

Each directory element has a profile page in which key information about that element is captured.

SMLWRLD Essential Intranet - Profile Pages

Each profile page, as well as capturing information about that element, describes that element’s position within the directory in terms of its relationship to other elements. For example, a customer contact profile will display information about which location that contact is based at, as well as the customer they belong to, and any projects that they are connected with.

Directory Pages

Directory elements can be browsed or searched using the SMLWRLD Essential directory pages. Directory elements can be easily filtered or searched for, using keywords.

SMLWRLD Essential Intranet - Directory Pages

Global Search

Directory elements also appear in the results of the SMLWRLD Global Search. This is often the most straightforward way of finding a contact’s details or searching for a particular team. It takes less than a second.

SMLWRLD Essential Intranet - Global Directory Search

Quick Links Dashboard

SMLWRLD Essential Intranet - Quick Links Dashboard

The homepage of the SMLWRLD Essential intranet essentially acts as a dashboard of quick links. On the right-hand side there are some quick links to external systems and tools. This ensures employees can always easily access the entire toolset for your organisation.

On the left is a list of all the projects/contracts. This provides quick access to the articles and to related information found within each one.

Next Steps

Below are some suggested next steps if you are interested in learning more about SMLWRLD Essential intranet.


If you would like to see the SMLWRLD Essential intranet in action, we’d love to show it to you. Please get in touch with us at to arrange your demo session.


Once you have seen our demo of the SMLWRLD Essential intranet, you can try it out for yourself. For just £1 per user per year, you can have your own fully functional intranet for up to 10 users. This will allow you to trial it within your organisation, and see if it will work for you or not.


Whether you are signing up for the risk-free trial or for a paid plan, you’ll have a dedicated SMLWRLD representative to introduce you to your new intranet, and to help you get started. They will remain on hand to answer your questions, and to check in with you periodically, in order to assist with any difficulties, and offer guidance on how to get more out of your intranet.


SMLWRLD is a London-based SaaS intranet provider, with team members working around the globe. In addition to delivering seamless internal communications, knowledge management, collaboration and transactional tools, SMLWRLD intranets are a vital tool for businesses in their quest for sustainability, staff wellbeing and greater Corporate Social Responsibility.

To find out more, contact SMLWRLD Managing Director Dan Jones at or on +44 (0)207 502 3591.

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