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SMLWRLD Essential
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During this difficult time, we want to do our bit to support the business community, which is why we’re offering SMLWRLD Essential completely free for the duration of the Covid-19 crisis.

Getting started couldn’t be easier. Simply contact us and we’ll set up your SMLWRLD Essential intranet, with absolutely no strings attached.

Job Role

Delivering the Essential

Give your employees unparalleled access to the information they need with SMLWRLD Essential, our simple yet powerful knowledge storage, retrieval and sharing tool.

Informed by our 15 years of experience in delivering high-end enterprise intranets to large international organisations, SMLWRLD Essential condenses the features our enterprise clients can’t live without into one comprehensive, easy-to-use product.

Key information
in under a minute

SMLWRLD Essential eliminates the need for staff to navigate a cluttered shared drive, or repeatedly resend documents via email. As soon as your information is uploaded, it becomes available to the whole organisation.

Game-changing features like page categorisation and the powerful SMLWRLD Global Search then enable your employees to find information in under a minute.

Ideal for small to
medium-sized businesses

If your business has 50 employees or fewer, SMLWRLD Essential is very likely ideal for you.

Whether you are an intranet administrator, or an end-user looking for information, the SMLWRLD Essential intranet will put vital business knowledge at your fingertips.

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