Welcome to
the new WRLD

The next generation of enterprise software platforms for the next generation of work.

Five platforms, countless benefits

Build a WRLD to fit yours

SMLWRLD offers five distinct products, all designed to meet your exact needs, and empower your organisation.
All our products can be seamlessly integrated with your existing enterprise software, and with each other, meaning your SMLWRLD can work exactly the way you need it to.

Unlimited floorspace,
no ceiling

Leaving the limitations of in-person only office space behind has never been easier, with state-of-the-art tools for communication, care and community all under one roof. Minus the roof.

Communication that flows

An extensive suite of communication tools, including company-wide news, and both internal and external activity feeds, ensure fast and flowing communications between colleagues and/or customers.

Your brand,
built into the foundations,
not just the wallpaper

A truly consistent look and feel across your platform keeps workers connected to your brand and its values, whether they’re based in the office, or the living room.

With room to spare for the
tools you know and love

Full integration with third-party tools like SharePoint and Teams creates a fluent user experience and enhanced productivity.

Your information
is our best kept secret

All SMLWRLD platforms are regularly penetration and security tested to the standards of our largest customers, ensuring your information will stay safe, even in the most demanding environments.

WRLDS of praise