Project Roadmap


Site management

Training for intranet supervisors

A 2-hour classroom-based training session for intranet manger(s) to cover high-level administration of the site such as:

  • template management
  • section management
  • search terms and metadata management
  • reporting
  • user permissions
  • archiving and notifications

General format for sessions:

  • Overview of each topic area (e.g. adding new users, copying a section)
  • Demonstrations by trainer, stopping for questions
  • Participants to run through set exercises to  check understanding of topic areas

The sessions can be run at our offices, at yours, or using screen-share technology,

Content Management

Training for content creators

An initial 2-hour classroom-based training session OR webinar for primary content publishers (e.g. with responsibility for department content areas).

To cover:

  • creating and editing articles
  • editing section pages
  • managing section settings

Article management guides 

Writing for the Web

Training for content owners and content creators

A 30-minute webinar covering writing for the web. Open to all interested staff.

We cover:

  • Identifying your audience & content objectives
  • Ensuring your audience knows "what to do next"
  • Writing simple section page introductions
  • Adding good document descriptions
  • Creating clear and well-structured forms 
  • Adding content metadata to improve search

Writing for the web - key points