Managing Sections

Filtered list

What is a Filtered list?

A filtered list displays a list of people, content, sections etc. based on the filters and ordering selected. It uses the same filtering and sorting methods you might see on a shopping site. For example, filtering your results by colour, size and category, and ordering the results by lowest price or most relevant.

For example, you could set up a filtered list to display:

  • the five most recent news items (see example below)
  • all people who are in a particular office, ordered by name
  • all content with the word "brand" in the title, ordered by date last updated

Note - filtered lists automatically update, so when a new item is created which fits a filtered list's criteria, the filtered list will display the new item.

Example filtered list - recent news tagged "orangutan"

Add an Item to a Filtered List

To add a content item to a filtered list you must ensure the content settings match the filtered list settings.

Follow the three steps below.

1. Check the filtered list settings

  • Go to the filtered list you want to add content to
  • Click box's green edit button. The filtered list popup opens
  • Make a note of all specified criteria, e.g.
    • content types (e.g. news)
    • related sections
    • categories
    • tags  


(SW) FEE search result.jpg


2. Create new content / edit existing content

  • Ensure the content is the correct type
  • Apply the exact settings to match the filtered list's criteria
  • Save and publish


(SW) FEE search result 2.jpg

 3. View your filtered list

  • Ensure the new content appears in your filtered list
  • If it doesn't, double check:
    • the content and box settings match
    • the box is set to display all content (rather than a restricted number of items)
    • the box has '0' height or a vertical scrollbar to ensure all content is visible

4. Apply a list style

  • A list style is used to define how a group of related elements should be displayed - you will need to decide which list style is best for your filtered list.

Filtering & Ordering

Key ways to filter content
  • Type (e.g. News type)
  • Category (e.g. Policy or Template category)
  • Related section (e.g. Communications section)
  • Tag (customised per search box, e.g. "2017brand-awareness-campaign")

For content to appear in a search box, it must match ALL criteria defined in the search box settings.

Key ways to order content
  • Title - Ascending
  • Start Date - Descending