Managing Sections

Advanced Layout Editor

What is the Advanced Layout Editor?

The Advanced Layout Editor is what we call the back end. It enables us to do what we do in the front end editor and more. The terminology may differ between the two, but much of it is the same. It is recommended that you use the front end editor unless you are familiar with or have prior knowledge on using the Advanced Layout Editor.

To access the Advanced Layout Editor go to Admin > Edit Page > Layout.

Tip: Duplicate your work page and access the Advanced Layout Editor on one of them. Save progress continuously as you work, and refresh the other web page to view the changes.

The layout editor has two main parts:

  • The page layout skeleton on the left
  • The editor panel on the right


Each section has its own related layout editor. The layout editor is the engine room for managing:

  • The structure of your section, i.e. creating, naming and ordering pages
  • The design & layout of the pages
  • The content which displays within a page