SMLWRLD launches zero-carbon intranet

RELEASE DATE: 7th January 2020 

Established intranet software company SmallWorlders today relaunches as SMLWRLD, a carbon-neutral intranet platform.

The growth of remote working makes it more important than ever that employees can stay connected; not just to maximise efficiency, but also to ensure their wellbeing and minimise feelings of isolation. SMWRLD has been specifically designed to facilitate this process.

With the world getting smaller, the need for environmental sustainability is also becoming increasingly urgent, and SMWRLD is committed to leading the way – even the name cuts out the use of unnecessary vowels.

Everything about the SMLWRLD platform has been created with carbon-neutrality in mind, from zero-carbon hosting via Microsoft Azure to minimising power usage through reducing the size of image files. In addition, part of the SMLWRLD subscription cost will go towards offsetting all the carbon generated by users using the platform, directly helping companies towards their own carbon-neutral goals.

As part of this process SMLWRLD is restructuring its offering to a software-as-a-service (SAAS) model. There are three subscription levels, catering for start-ups, SMEs and enterprises, all with clear and transparent price points.

In addition to delivering seamless internal communications, knowledge management, collaboration and transactional tools, SMLWRLD intranets are a vital tool for businesses in their quest for sustainability, staff wellbeing and greater Corporate Social Responsibility. To find out more contact SMLWRLD Managing Director Dan Jones at or on 0207 502 3591.