Integration with Microsoft 365 / SharePoint

SMLWRLD Unlimited is built on an entirely Microsoft tech stack (ASP.NET, SQL Server), allowing it to very easily “play nicely” with all Microsoft 365 software including SharePoint.

In addition, SMLWRLD Unlimited fully supports ADFS and AzureAD, ensuring seamless integration with any other Microsoft 365 services via SSO. Here you can see easy way pointing from SMLWRLD Unlimited into Teams and Outlook Online.


And integration works the other way as well, with Di Monds Intranet showing in the list of Microsoft 365 Apps.

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In addition, SMLWRLD Unlimited provides integrations with Skype, allowing users to see other users’ Skype availability and to launch a call or a chat directly from within the intranet.

The same functionality could be used to integrate Teams or Yammer. 

3rd Party Integrations

SMLWRLD Unlimited can link to external systems. The details of each integration will depend on the system in question. There are various methods we can use to integrate with systems as follows:

      • Deep-Link: often the most effective connection is a simple deep-link. This works well where both systems are within the same active directory (SSO), for example any Microsoft 365-based application. 
      • APIs: SMLWRLD can talk to other systems via the use of an API. This allows us to display information for other systems directly in SMLWRLD. SMLWRLD too has a sophisticated API which would allow authorised other systems to display information from within SMLWRLD.
      • XML/JSON File Transfer: For the most complex integrations we can send and receive bespoke XML or JSON files containing any information, which can then be used in whichever way the circumstances require.

Below you can see the range of systems linked to from the Di Monds intranet.

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Where authorisation is not provided to the third party by Active Directory, we can perform a “handshake” with that system, passing it individual login details for the user in question, bypassing the need for an intermediate login screen. These login details would be entered securely by the user into their SMLWRLD profile and stored encrypted in the database.


SMLWRLD is a London-based SaaS intranet provider, with team members working around the globe. In addition to delivering seamless internal communications, knowledge management, collaboration and transactional tools, SMLWRLD intranets are a vital tool for businesses in their quest for sustainability, staff wellbeing and greater Corporate Social Responsibility.

To find out more, contact SMLWRLD Managing Director Dan Jones at or on +44 (0)207 502 3591.

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