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SMLWRLD Unlimited contains a complete email campaign management tool.

This tool allows admins to configure regular (or once-off) email newsletters, sent out automatically at pre-defined dates/times or time intervals.


The emails are branded, nicely designed and in HTML, with options the customise headers, intro text and other text/visual elements.


The content of each email campaign can be curated in one of three ways – or a combination of different methods:

• manually (defined content per newsletter),
• automatically (the system selects the content based on configured criteria, e.g. most recent, trending)
• personalised (the system personalises the content based on each recipient’s subscriptions/interests/viewing habits)

Email campaigns can be targeted at different subsets of users, based on their subscriptions (i.e. subscribed to the newsletter or not), or based on other metadata for example location, team or directorate. Manual email recipient lists can also be uploaded.


Email campaigns can be tested before sending, and then sent immediately, or scheduled for a time/date in the future.

Once an email campaign is sent, admins can track which users have opened the emails and clicked on content.



SMLWRLD intranets

SMLWRLD’s new SaaS intranets start at £180/annum for SMEs. Pricing for enterprises with over 100 users will vary. A 30% reduction on all pricing plans is available for public sector and not for profit organisations. A full breakdown of pricing can be found on the SMLWRLD pricing page.



SMLWRLD is a London-based SaaS intranet provider, with team members working around the globe. In addition to delivering seamless internal communications, knowledge management, collaboration and transactional tools, SMLWRLD intranets are a vital tool for businesses in their quest for sustainability, staff wellbeing and greater Corporate Social Responsibility. To find out more, contact SMLWRLD Managing Director Dan Jones at or on +44 (0)207 502 3591.

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